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Library [Murasakibara x ADHD!Reader]
T’was the week before finals, and all through the library, every student was stirring - fidgeting, typing, writing, fretting, flipping pages, gulping down their fourth cup of coffee.
Except for Murasakibara Atsushi. Finals or no, he couldn’t find the strength in him to give a damn, one way or another. But, you wanted the company, and a table was as good a place as any to take a nap.
With one eye closed and one opened, he brought another cookie to his lips as he scrutinized your movements.
Scratching at your head, biting your lip, brows heavily furrowed, occasional tremors throughout your body, leg bouncing violently, eyes frequently darting about the room at almost every sound.
Yeaaaah, you were panicking.
You didn’t need to be screaming, crying, or losing your temper for him to know. He may have been called “idiot” by many, but he had you and your behaviors down to a T:
Staring off into the distance - “My head is about to explode from all the though
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 49 9
My Lovely Mountain (Tsukishima x F!Reader)
Author's Note: Still reposting, but this one is one of my favorites, to be honest. I hope you enjoy it too, and please comment if you like~
Disclaimer: Haikyuu belongs to Haruichi Furudate. I only own the plot ♪( ´▽`)
Contains: poetry
You stared at the poem you were writing for English. It was free verse, and since you couldn't remember the word limit your teacher had given, you allowed your creative thoughts to run wild. 
When I look in front of me, there's a tall mountain. 
Its peak is caked with pure white snow, 
But the thin rays of sunlight paint it a golden hue. 
It towers over my cowering figure,
And I cannot see the skies beyond it. 
"Oi, [L/N]."
You raise your head to see a pair of spectacled eyes looking down at you.
"What is it?" you asked hopefully. 
"...never mind. It's nothing."
You w
:icontsukkidaisuki:TsukkiDaisuki 20 5
Duty calls Knight!Bokuto Koutaro X Knight!Reader
Walking down the long halls of the castle, you were on your normal duty hours. Making sure the castle was in order and that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Being one of the King's personal knights was a big deal and you were sure to be in top notch. 
Other knights that were in the castle came to respect you for your bravery and kindness towards others. Being one of the few female knights in all of the history of knighthood is something that you were very proud of. 
You have quite a few friends and you were very well connected with other kingdoms since the King took you along with him when he would go on business trips.
"Ah! (Y/n)!!! I found you!!" A cheerful voice echoed all over the halls making you groan slightly. Of course you knew who that voice belonged to.
"Bokuto please refrain from being so loud this early in the morning. The royal family is still sleeping."
"I already told you to call me Koutaro! But anyways...I've been looking all over for you!" Bokuto's
:iconparaousia:paraousia 4 0
Cut and Paste. (Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader)

Request By: Leen-chin
Colour: Blue Green and/or Blue Violet
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Genre: Fluff and Comedy
Additional Info: It would be great if it was similar to the small story from your "Roommate" Series with the Haikyuu captains of him, since it was super adorable! x3
Word Count: 644
College!AU // Roommate!AU
Returning home to a quiet house is nothing unexpected with Wakatoshi; returning to a noisy one is a different story.
You sigh with relief when you realize that the main source of the noise is Tendou, though he's usually quietly gaming with your roommate. But today, you encounter a sight you had never expected to see in a million years.
"Wakatoshiiii, you said she wouldn't be back until late!"
"All I said was that she was running errands."
"Do you even know how long girls usually take at running errands?"
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 34 10
Cold Bus Rides [Semi Eita x Reader]
“Are you cold?”
His voice broke your silent dispute with the air conditioning unit, making you turn your face to meet his eyes, shivering ever so slightly all the while.
“No, it’s fine.” You said in a quiet voice, not wanting to wake up the other volleyball members who were sleeping inside the bus.
You laid your head on his shoulder, watching the scenery pass by rapidly as you looked outside the window.
Without warning, he wrapped one of his arms around you, with his hands finding their way to yours. A blush adorned your face as you suddenly found yourself flushed to his chest, which you found was warm and comfortable.
He nuzzled his face to your hair, taking a deep breath of your vanilla scent before exhaling blithely.
“I’m glad you could come, (F/N).”
A bashful smile slowly appeared on your lips, and you closed your eyes as you resigned to the warmth of his embrace.
“Me too, Eita-kun.”
He did not ne
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 57 67
it smells like... [shirabu kenjirou x reader][au]
Imagine the Soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate will say to you is tattooed on your wrist, but Person A’s tattoo is something completely ridiculous or nonsensical.
It smells like hot ass.
       That’s what was written on his wrist. It was neither small nor big, but it was enough for anyone standing close to him to be able to clearly read it. Shirabu had always tried to hide it with long sleeves, always opting to wear a blazer or long-sleeve button ups to class, even on hot days. It was more embarrassing than what Tendou’s soulmate’s wrist read: “I’d sell you for one chip if I had the chance.” Tendou’s soulmate had accidentally spilled a carton of milk onto his lap.
        “It’s not that bad,” you tried to reassure Shirabu as your fingertips danced along his wrist.
        He sigh
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 62 15
Worth Writing [Oikawa Tooru]
Dear Diary, I want a life worth writing about. -Me
    You shut the leather-bound diary, glancing at the loose birthday wrapping paper, before dwelling on why your mother had purchased such an odd gift for you. What would you do with a diary? Write pointless gossip only to worry about it getting in the clutches of your absolute worst nemesis? It was amusing what you could picture her thinking about as she handed this to the cashier.
    Despite that, you kept it always, in case something was worth writing. Maybe there'd be something good in the mystery meat served at lunch, then you could finally dwell on how nobody threw up. Of course, moments would arise that you'd think would be material for a bestseller. Nevertheless, anybody could write pointless gossip about the cheerleading squad cutting inches off their skirts.
    "Where the hell is that diary..?" You grumbled as you dug through the contents of your backpack, annoyed, students glanci
:iconblatanthope:blatanthope 54 25
paper owls [bokuto koutarou x reader]
“Sensei, sensei!” an energetic voice called, belonging to a tiny redhead. “Look, look, look at what I made!”
It was arts and craft time, and you just taught your students to make art out of paper. The sounds of paper crumpling, folding and tearing filled the room, along with hums and grunts of the children.
Getting to your knees, to the young child – whose name was Hinata Shouyou – you plastered a smile. “What is it, Hinata-kun?”
Proudly – very proudly – he presents his work, a cutely messed-up paper owl. He had made use of a paper bag, and messily glued in scraps of paper into it. Overall, it was good.
“Wow!” you praise, applauding him, making the child flush and his grin to widen. Your heart skipped a beat at that. Children were so precious. “Good work, Hinata-kun!” reaching out your hand, you ruffled his messy orange hair.
“Ne, ne, sensei?”
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 49 13
A Tiny Problem- Bokuto x Reader
    It was nearly three in the morning.  This was beginning to get ridiculous.  Lucky for you, it was Friday night, and not a school night.  Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to fall asleep without hearing the voice of your wonderful boyfriend, Bokuto Kotaro.  You were hesitant about confiding in him about the inability to sleep lately, mainly because you didn't want to bother him, he could be a worry wart at times.  Your tired eyes stared at the screen in front of you, seeming brighter than the sun to your sleepy gaze.  On the screen was Bokuto's text messages.  You had read through them for the third time now, hoping that would be able to replace the sound of his deep, soothing voice.  It couldn't.  Quietly, your cold fingers tapped the screen.
TO: Probably an Owl

    I can't sleep. . .
    Sighing, you hit send and set your phone next to you.  You really felt bad if you were to wake
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 13 3
more than enough // bokuto koutarou
Wherein the owl-looking captain knew exactly what to say to cheer you up.
Bokuto didn’t get it really. The entire day was fine, sure it wasn’t as sunny most would expect given that spring was right around the corner—but neither would anyone think that a sudden downpour would arrive just when it was time for everyone to start heading back for dinner. Therefore, Bokuto was especially taken by surprise when he awoke from his nap, nestled happily between your sheets while reveling in being surrounded by your comforting scent, to face a window decorated with droplets of water and the sound of rain muffled from the glass. He blinked a few times, trying to get rid of the last bits of grogginess that remained.
That day was pretty rough for you both. Bokuto just couldn’t find his groove during practice, and you seemed completely withdrawn from the world... Even when walking back together, you barely said much to him as he kept giving you careful glances.
He presse
:iconfutura-free:futura-free 29 3
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Sugawara x Reader)
Koushi Sugawara laughed to himself as he looked around the dance hall.  His teammates seemed pretty inept at interacting with the fairer sex on an average day, and it all seemed magnified here in the party setting.  They were currently bickering over who would make the first move.  Half of Karasuno seemed to think it should be Daichi, as their captain, to open up the dance floor, while the other half suggested one of their more outgoing members like Tanaka or Noya.  Not one person even bothered to mention Asahi, and their ace looked as relieved by that as he might have if someone had told him all of his bills would be paid for forever.
Suga couldn't help but hide a chuckle behind his fist.  He himself had never really shied away from girls, and watching them flounder had been amusing enough.  However, if they continued waiting for someone from Karasuno to start all the dancing, everyone would stand around staring awkwardly all night...unless
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 181 69
Tsukishima Kei x Reader - Valentine's Day
Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu or Tsukishima Kei or other characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Haikyuu is the property of Haruichi Furudate.
"Oh, [F/N]-chan, did you just finish your club activities?" Yachi called out as she spotted you entering the door way. You give her a bright smile and nod as you make your way towards her. 
"Kiyoko-senpai, Hitoka-chan, hello!" you greeted and continued, "Yeah, I just finished, thought I'd swing by since I still heard the sound of squeaking shoes."
Yachi smiled and then leaned forward to whisper, "And not for a certain middle blocker?"
"H-H-Hitoka!" you sputtered and Kiyoko raised an eyebrow and then she made a small 'o' before gracing you with a small smile. You pouted and whined, "Don't tease me like this too, Kiyoko-senpai!"
"I'm sorry, [L/N]-chan," the pretty manager apologized, but the mirth in her eyes doesn't fade away. You sigh and gentl
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 54 11
Spring Day Suga by rivertem Spring Day Suga :iconrivertem:rivertem 41 3
fluff : hajime
iwaizumi hajime x reader
it's almost valentine's
    iwaizumi looked at the sight before him, he breathed in as he could hear the rapid beating of his heart and let out a somewhat joyous sigh. soft snores were heard in which the third-year finds very calming. he sat on the edge of his comfy bed as he took in all your features. you were sleeping on his bed, supposed to wait for him to return home that you were not aware that you dozed off. iwaizumi removed a few strands of your silky hair that was covering half of your visage.
    "beautiful, as always," he mumbled as his lips twitched upward whilst his eyes, filled with fondness.
    "iwa-chan..." although he despised getting called by that nickname, he didn't react and watched as you moved your petite figure into a more pleasant position. your eyes slowly fluttered open to see your lover, a small smile plastered on his face. you giggled softly as you questioned him, "were you s
:iconfloralcrovvns:floralcrovvns 85 11
Kiss Me Intimately [Sugawara Koushi]
It started off as a gentle summer breeze caressing silky locks, but soon it escalated into a midwinter avalanche cascading down her shivering form.
He couldn’t restrain himself; His lips had a will of their own. What had begun as a soft, tender, almost shy caress against her lips turned into a volcano of emotions erupting with every stolen breath between kisses.
She had brushed a thumb against his cheek, trailing the small birthmark underneath his eye. The sole touch had sent electric jolts down his spine and he had instinctively wrapped his arms around her body.
They had frozen in place, staring into each other’s eyes for an indefinite amount of time before he finally leaned in and placed the most imperceptible of pecks on her lips.
Heat had exploded against his lips, sending his head spinning. There was no way he’d be satisfied with only a chaste kiss. Her parted lips invited him to a secret dance of seduction; promised him to fulfill his most lustful desires.
So he
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 102 20
Payback [Kise Ryouta]
Moving towards the open kitchen, she padded across the living room, where he was sitting with his friends, her steps seductively slow. Three pairs of eyes followed her course; two glistening with interest and one wide with puzzlement. Reaching the bench, she grabbed a banana from the fruit basket that lay on the wood.
Tracing her steps back to the bedroom, she paused momentarily to straighten the neck of her tiny bathrobe, which accidentally fell down her shoulder to reveal her cleavage. Unfazed, she resumed her course, peeling the yellow fruit and bringing it leisurely to her lips. Before she disappeared from their sight, she saw from the corner of her eye her golden-haired boyfriend staring at her, his mouth dropping.
Kise, still shocked by her entrance, turned his attention back to his friends, who were sitting silently on the couch, only to notice how lit up Moriyama’s face looked and how embarrassingly red Kasamatsu had become. The blond brought his cup of coffee to h
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 158 62



thewritersora's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
i used to write fanfic until i found out im shit at it so now i draw but i aint better


Akiho Muchizuki

Akiho Mochizuki 

Akiho name meaning : Autumn blade of a plant

Mochizuki : habitational name meaning ‘full moon’, from a village in Shinano (now Nagano prefecture) 

Age : 18

birthday 14. may. 1998

Astro sign: taurus

height : 162cm

Middle child , has an older and a younger brother

Parents Status : still together and alive 

personality : the most rebbellious one of the group, is actually a early riser, love sunset and dusk looks sweet but will fuck you up in a second, but to her friends shes the sweetest , used to be a deliquent and had a school gang, 

College Major : legal studies and criminal justice 
College year : freshman 

hates: racism, ignorance , rude people , bullying

Deity: Amaterasu , god of the sun 

powers: fire bending, transfiguration , light manipulation (can create, shape and manipulate visible light aka electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye, and is responsible for the sense of sight.) Stellar Physiology (the power to transform into or have a physical body made up of stellar energy.) 

Hey guys i know i haven't uploaded something recently, i'm currently writing on a novel.
but since i have a writers block i thought i'll write some one shots.
Request are always welcomed!!!
which fandom i'll write about.
Kuroko no basuke
attack on titan
black butler
fairy tail
that's all have a nice day/night guys! :-)


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